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How do you iterate on a robotic design? An RAF Leeming Airman interacts with a new Boston Dynamics Spot robot during Agile Liberty. Multi-Domain Complexity and Simulation A single design iteration represents a unique configuration of hardware like sensors, actuators, and structural components, software like control algorithms, trained neural networks, and pathfinding algorithms, ...

June 3, 2024|

Is It Really AI? Our CES 2024 Takeaways

The Systematic team was at CES last week and wanted to share some key takeaways from this incredible event. While it was certainly the year of AI, we can assure you this post was written by humans 😊. Is it really AI? A few years ago, marketing started calling products with firmware “smart” ...

January 19, 2024|

TGL’s SkyTrack Technical Details

Inflatable Dome Collapse Delays TGL's Debut Due to a failure in the temporary power system and backup systems used during construction at TGL's new stadium, the launch date for Tomorrow's Golf League originally set for January 9, 2023 will be postponed until early 2025. Thankfully, no injuries were reported, and most of the technology remained ...

December 18, 2023|

TGL’s Hardware and Software Consultant

Partnering with TGL on Hardware & Software Solutions We're proud to be TGL's hardware and software consultant and look forward to our ongoing collaboration with Full Swing Golf and TMRW Sports in developing TGL, a brand-new golf league for PGA all-stars blending a state-of-the-art virtual long game with real-world short game on a deformable, ...

November 9, 2023|

A Workaround for “N Days Ago”

N days ago there was an article on Hacker News about how timestamps like "n days ago" are useless. One of our devs (Chad) whipped up a Tampermonkey script to fix this on Bitbucket. Behold. Useful information. Chad's repo is here, and here's the code if you're more of a copy-paste person: // ==UserScript== // ...

November 3, 2023|

Integrating Artificial Intelligence Into Software Development

Integrating Artificial Intelligence Into Software Development Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that aims to create machines or computer software systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as understanding natural language, recognizing objects and images, making decisions, and learning from experience. There are several subfields within AI, ...

February 27, 2023|

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