Partnering with TGL on Hardware & Software Solutions

We’re proud to be TGL’s hardware and software consultant and look forward to our ongoing collaboration with Full Swing Golf and TMRW Sports in developing TGL, a brand-new golf league for PGA all-stars blending a state-of-the-art virtual long game with real-world short game on a deformable, rotating green. TGL is debuting live on ESPN, and Systematic Consulting Group is ready for its close-up.


The TGL arena. A 64 ft portal to a Full Swing simulation is in the background, and the deformable rotating green is in the foreground.


Systematic has been a key contributor and technology consultant to TGL from the beginning. We derived the detailed user stories and state machine diagrams from TGL’s initial napkin sketches, and we’ve been working nonstop ever since to design and build the critical hardware and software systems that make TGL possible.

Concept art of the SoFi Center in West Palm Beach, FL.


We’ll be publishing more posts about the hardware and software systems we’ve built for TGL, including some exclusive technical details you won’t find anywhere else. Our journey and collaboration as TGL’s hardware and software consultant continue so stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Systematic has met or exceeded every one of TGL’s aggressive deadlines. We’ve identified and then taken responsibility for additional scope when the project needed it most. Want this kind of commitment to your projects? Contact us today.

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