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About Our Software Consulting Services

You might think you’ve never heard of Systematic Consulting Group before. But you’ve probably met a Systematic software engineer without even realizing it. Perhaps you stayed comfortable because you received a notification that your HVAC unit was weeks from failure thanks to our work in machine learning for predictive maintenance. Maybe you shaved a few strokes off your golf game by using a launch monitor product we were heavily involved in designing. Or your pool stayed safe this summer because it had an electrical failure detection system installed that we helped build. There are very few areas of life that technology doesn’t touch. At Systematic, our software consultants are proud to be the brains behind the different types of electronics, computer software, and websites you use every day whether at work, home, or play. Learn more about our software consulting services.

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App Development

Systematic Consulting Group’s app development team is strategically positioned to design and develop your next project to meet your business needs. Whether you need a web app or a mobile app, we create a breathtaking user experience designed to function on any platform or mobile device. We match you with a team skilled at the implementation of simple, functional, and responsive apps and dashboards to manage and monitor your IoT devices and visualize your IoT data. We develop native client apps that are more interactive and productive than traditional web applications. Your app should look and work great on any device. Let us create a responsive design to make your app beautifully simple.

Hardware Engineering

We’re more than just a software company. Whether you need to enable current devices with IoT Technology or create new devices from the ground up, our hardware team is ready to turn strategy into solutions for your business needs. At Systematic Consulting Group, we blend custom software and hardware design, to deliver maximum performance at minimal expense. We pair you with a hardware design engineer and product team who are well equipped with the professional expertise and hands-on skills to handle your entire hardware design project based on your specific requirements. Your dedicated team will work diligently with you from the conceptualization stage through testing to production. Your embedded solution has specific needs and sometimes off-the-shelf won’t cut it. Let a Systematic show you how cost-effective an embedded solution built for your needs can be.

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Machine Learning Illustration with Artificial Intelligence Brain

Machine Learning

Your company’s data is a rich resource for predictive analysis and improved performance of tasks. Machine learning helps companies optimize their operations, address challenges, and improve customer experience. Machine learning is helping businesses improve profits, and advances in artificial intelligence and cloud computing make it more accessible than ever. Through ML training, ML at the Edge, and MLOps, we have the skill to help you harness the power of emerging technologies, maximizing your current infrastructure investment.

Product Development

Relying on extensive experience with Internet of Things (IoT) product design and development, Systematic Consulting Group assists companies across a variety of industries in building and integrating their workflows, processes, and products into the Cloud. Systematic Consulting Group is positioned to design and develop high-end IoT products that can immediately catapult growth and add value to your business. Whether you are a start-up with a new product idea or a larger company conceptualizing an innovation for an existing market, we not only bring expertise in the IoT space but also strategic insight and many years of experience in product engineering and application development that stands out through value addition to our clients’ businesses.

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Software Development

Today’s businesses have to be ready to evolve to meet changing customer needs and technological advancements. Through software consulting services, your computer software can be just as flexible and customized as your business. Rather than settling for off-the-shelf software that might not fit all of your business goals, your business deserves a software consultant team that will develop, design, and test software to perform to your specifications. We can provide your business with a custom software solution that will exceed your expectations. When it comes to software implementation, the user experience (UX) should be sleek, simple, and rewarding to use. Our development team analyzes the competition and customer experience analytics to ensure user satisfaction with the software. We pride ourselves on our ability to find a software solution for any business challenges. A Systematic software developer and engineering team can make your next UX a game-changer. No matter the complexity, software should be elegantly designed and easy to maintain. Let a Systematic software engineer bring these concepts to a current software system or build your next technology project from the ground up.

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