Almost three years into the pandemic, nearly every sector of the business world has been affected whether through changes to sales, workforce climate, or infrastructure. Increasingly, businesses have realized the potency of digital solutions for the inevitable disruptions to their business process. Custom software development empowers decision-makers with a custom solution for the unique needs of their companies, providing stability during shaky times.

Whether you currently rely on off-the-shelf commercial software, or your current custom software has become outdated and is no longer meeting your business goals, investing in custom software development services can boost profits and strengthen your business.

What is Custom Software?

Custom or bespoke software is software built to offer functionalities and address specific business needs for an organization. It is a software solution that is specially developed for a specific user or business rather than a general industry as a whole.

Ongoing Maintenance and Customer Support Needs

Supporting custom software requires high technical skills and professional competence from software developers.

A 2020 research study indicated that more than 35% of software failures are attributed to a lack of efficient software support. Therefore, after the initial investment in a custom software solution or application development, ongoing maintenance and support are needed to ensure the existing software can continue to address business’ and consumers’ evolving needs.

The importance of custom software service to any business can never be over-emphasized. Well-supported custom software brings a unique solution to a business, provides better customer satisfaction, guarantees software security, fosters flexibility & scalability, gives rise to software reliability, and increases a company’s bottom line.

Needless to, say custom software with the right technical support can leverage your company, reinvent its workflow, and become the key asset for growth and expansion.

Improve Profit with Custom Software Support Services

Custom software support services cover a wide range of areas and needs. Below are some of the use cases from which a custom software development company can base your support needs:

  1. Technical Adjustments

Most often, software solutions require one or two technical adjustments to address some emerging technical requirements to better serve the business or customer. Developers value quality assurance, so they professionally handle the adjustments while minimizing downtime during the modification process. These maintenance costs are actually investments in a company’s continual growth.

  1. Preventive Maintenance

For software to deliver its expected results, it must be maintained periodically to make sure it runs optimally. Quality custom software support offers proactive preventative maintenance rather than reactive solutions to decreased functionality.

  1. Fixing a Specific Software Error

If your application has encountered a specific problem with the user experience that needs to be fixed urgently, custom software development service includes a capable technical team who can provide continued support.

  1. Security Enhancements

Privacy and data security are at the forefront of consumers’ minds. A customized software developer can help your business minimize financial loss and organizational downtime in the event of a security breach. Developers review your software security architecture and make the necessary modifications and upgrades to enhance the system.

  1. Aligning an Application to Evolving Business Needs

Sometimes, there could be an urgent need to align and adapt your software to changed business requirements and current market challenges. An off-the-shelf software or mobile app can become unaligned to these challenges, costing your business time and money. With a custom application, businesses can bolster profits through custom software support that responds to actual user experience data.

  1. Handling Software Integration

Custom software development and its ongoing support allow for seamless integration between your software and any new platforms such as a payment gateway. Off-the-shelf products may not be updated with emerging technologies, limiting a business’ options. Businesses that rely on off-the-shelf commercial software have to find inefficient workarounds that can be needlessly complicated. These complications also increase the likelihood of costly errors.

  1. Competitive Edge

Commercial software is openly available to a business’ competitors. Because commercial software is most profitable when used by the broadest possible market, your business loses the opportunity of gaining the competitive edge of a custom app or software designed specifically for gaps you have identified in your market.

Top Beneficial Industries

Fundamentally, custom development services have no limit in terms of which benefits from them. However, these are some of the innovative ways industries have boosted profits through custom development services.

Hospitality Industry

Businesses in the hospitality industry make use of custom software to deliver their services such as automated check-ins, check-outs, ordering of food, drinks, and concierge services. As a customer-facing industry, these businesses must regularly analyze their customer’s user experience data to determine nimble solutions that enhance user satisfaction. Commercial software is slow to respond to consumer needs.

Healthcare Industry

Medical institutions have many different unique operational needs. Custom software and apps provide patient portals, telehealth services, efficient hospital management, medical imaging services, and pharmacy management portals, just to name a few.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is a huge industry with complex operational processes. Custom software in most cases simplifies their workflows and helps them run their businesses with ease and efficiency. By providing predictive maintenance, inventory management tools, production management systems, and tracking and logistical tools, custom software development gives manufacturing businesses a competitive advantage.

Sports Industry

Avid sports fans are no longer constrained to watching sports events in person or consulting newspaper stats the following day. Custom mobile apps and IoT products allow for 24/7 entertainment as. well as pre-/post-game analytics tools. Custom software can also be used by managers and trainers to analyze and enhance athletes’ game performance.

Systematic Consulting Group’s Custom Software Support

At Systematic Consulting Group, we uphold a high level of business ethics, always making sure we deliver business value in all our contracts.

With a professional and sophisticated well-trained workforce, service quality is our bond with our numerous clients. Systematic Consulting Group’s custom software support never ends at the delivery of your customized software. We provide continued maintenance and support so that our software can flexibly grow with your business.

As a leading custom software support company, we possess many years of industry-based experience and expertise with clients of diverse capacities and business backgrounds.

Our custom software development services are guided by these principles to ensure client satisfaction:

  • We are authentic and transparent in all we do.
  • Our services are affordable and reliable.
  • We have the capacity to create beautifully simple solutions to save your business time and money.
  • We have a well-trained and fastidious support team.
  • Our customer service is 24/7.
  • We have a well-established track record of efficiency in the industry.
  • We use cutting-edge technology to deliver solutions in fast-paced, ever-evolving industries and market spaces.
  • We have experience in handling support across numerous industries.
  • Our operational standards are always high.

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